Love Spell to Get Back With Former Lover

This Wiccan love spell is for the person who wants to create or maintain the strong unconditional love in their relationship.

You will need to conduct this unconditional love ritual once a month, on the full moon. For this unconditional love spell,

You will need:

  1. A white candle
  2. A pink candle
  3. A black candle
  4. Incense

It is best to do this love spell in a place where you have the view of the full moon.

First, cast your circle. Next, light the candles. Then look at the moon and visualise feelings of unconditional love between you and your lover. Fill yourself with these feelings of love until you can feel them all over your body.

Repeat the following incantation for unconditional love:

  1. The kind fates have blessed my home
  2. The kind fates have blessed my heart
  3. The kind fate has blessed my loved one
  4. I offer thanks with a humble heart
  5. I thank the Goddess for my life
  6. I thank the Goddess for my love
  7. I thank the goddess for blessings already on their way.
  8. The spell is cast, so mote it be.

Sit in meditation for a bit, feeling the waves of unconditional love wash over you.  Then, blow out the candles and close your circle.

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