When we love ourselves, life becomes easier and much more fun. When we realise that it comes down to a choice – to make the decision to love ourselves – then we see clearly that it’s just a matter of practice.  So let’s start that now.

As a professional spell caster and witch of over twenty seven years I have done my share of love readings for clients. It’s ok, we all do it. We all want to know how love will potentially shape our future. Inevitably most of these readings either end up being about a current relationship on the rocks, when an ex may or may not come back around, or when the client is finally going to find their prince. As the reading winds down almost everyone asks the same question: Is there a spell I can do to bring love into my life or fix the love that is already there?

The truth is, love spells are tricky. They are tricky because there tends to be a lot of variables for us to work through. Sure you may have a big crush on Jimmy and would do anything to get him, but what if Jimmy is secretively gay or what if Jimmy could only love someone with one arm? I know that might sound improbable but these things get in the way far more than one might suspect.

Another aspect of love magic that is worth investigating is that almost always it is done for external pursuits. The spell might work initially, bringing you into the arms of another, but what happens when the glamour fades and you are left with the realization that not only are they not what you wanted, but you aren’t who you wanted to be. The Self Love spell is the only love spell you will ever need to pass through anything!

Cast a love spell on yourself? Really? Alot of people ask me that but the truth is “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anybody else?” You see, when we love ourselves and put ourselves first this funny thing happens, we feel good about ourselves and our decisions. These good vibes lead to a boost in confidence which eventually leads to us being able to make better decisions for ourselves. Those decisions help us to know who we really are when we don’t feel unlovable and what we really want out of love.

The benefits of casting a love spell on yourself go even deeper than just that, with this spell you get to choose self preservation over settling for less than you’re worth, and you get to rise to the occasion instead of waiting for someone else to come along and make you feel better. When you choose to love yourself you are making a big statement to the universe and everything changes.

I have performed this spell for hundreds of clients over the years and have received phenomenal feedback. This spell is great for those who are looking to find love, fix the love they have, and/or ignite love in their life. Remember love begins with ourselves,  when we love ourselves, others will love us. contact me and i will help you.