Come Back To Me Love Spells – Money Back Guaranteed Results
Come Back To Me Love Spells – Money Back Guaranteed Results

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 miss me spell  is designed for those who to have crushed on each other. It could be that you recently met this person and you gave him or her cell phone number. You have liked the person and you would like to make the person to like you as well. When the person develops that interest in you, he or she will surely call you back when you cast this effective love spell to make someone miss you.

spells to make him think of you non-stop

Casting Instructions for ‘Make Someone Think of you Nonstop’

Light the incense and the candle. Look at the picture and focus all your feelings toward the person. Then Chant the Following:
I put a spell on you, to make you suffer as I do Because I think about you day and night, You shall do the same, it is only right.

This works. You should tweak the words to fit you best.

spell to make him want me

Come Back With Me in 3 Days! Powerful Reconciliation Spell

If you have broken up with your partner and you want them to come back to you, but you don’t know what to do, these White Magic reconciliation spells will be of great help to fix your relationship in a short period of time.

Although it might seem like an impossible task, White Magic, when it is cast the right way, is a very powerful tool with which you can count to fulfill all your love desires.

Reconciliation Spells

With this simple “come back to me” spells you will make him or her return to you quickly. You can cast this very powerful spell on your own, to bring him back to your feet again.

The factor that most influences these love spells, is the conviction that you really want them to return and the focus and visualization powers that you can achieve while casting the love spell.

Come Back in 3 Days Spell

This spell for the return of the beloved in three days must be done during a night of waning moon. That will be the most effective for you to perform this ritual so that he or she will return during the 3 following days of that lunar phase.

You will need:

  • Honey
  • Red pencil
  • Paper
  • A red candle
  • A picture of your ex

How to cast the spell:

Light the red candle and focus for a few minutes staring at the picture of your love and visualizing you two as a couple together again.

Write both of your names on the piece of paper and draw a circle around them.

Place a few drops of honey on top of the written names and say the following words:

“With this spell you return,
to seal your soul with mine.
I invoke the powers of magic, to conquer (his or her name) again.
Come back to me, forget the past and from here,
Everything shall be love and passion between us.”

Take the paper and break it into very small pieces and bury them in a place where nobody will find it.

Snuff out the candle and finish your ritual.

Make sure you cast this spell in absolute solitude. No one should know about the performance of this love ritual for it to take effect.

There are other spells that you can also perform to bring back your ex.

Make Someone Miss spell 3 day love spells

3 day love spells

Spell with Needle for Your Ex to Come Back

To do this ritual you will need:

  • Needle.
  • Photo of your ex.
  • Red candle.
  • Red bag.

Cast this “come back spell” on a full moon Tuesday. Make sure to be calm and with a clear mind, then light the red candle. Now you must take the picture of your ex and stick the needle in his forehead. While doing this you should say the following:

“Just like you left, you will return. As you have left me, you will return to me. Leave your thoughts behind and come back with me. My love is not over, and so neither is yours. “

Place the photo in the bag and keep it hidden for nine nights. On the tenth day, your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend should give signs of wanting to come back with you. Get rid of the bag and the needle.

Spell to Make Him Regret and Come Back

If you want to learn an easy spell to make any man come back to you, this is one of the best and most effective love spell to bring any person back to your side:

You’ll need:

  • Pencil and paper
  • 1 onion
  • White candle

How to cast the love spell

Light the white candle and focus on your beloved for a few minutes, staring at the flame. Write your name on the paper and cut the onion in half. Now place the paper with the name of your loved one between the two halves of the onion.

Say the following prayer to make him come back:

“With the power of the Earth, I call the Universe to bring (name of your ex) back by my side promptly.”

Bury the onion in a garden, or in a pot, where nobody knows.

Magick Spell with lemon that will make your ex-partner return

For this ex-partner return spell, you will need:

  • 1 large and fresh lemon
  • 1 piece of pink paper
  • Red thread
  • Sugar

How to cast the spell:

On the pink paper, you will write your name and that of your ex-partner. Take the lemon, making sure that is fresh, and cut it into two equal halves. Try to do this as accurately as possible.

Now, fold the paper so that the names touch facing each other, pour some sugar and place it in between the two pieces of lemon. You will now tie the red thread around the lemon to hold it together.

At the time of making the knot with the thread around the lemon, focus and visualize your ex-partner re-living happy moments with you, both together again.

Now, place the lemon in the freezer and try to hide it in the back so that no one can see it. You can expect to see your ex come back to your life within a month.

Make Someone Miss spell, Come back to me spells
Make Someone Miss spell

Come back to me spells

Another Powerful Reconciliation Spell: Come Back to Me in 3 Days

You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • A clear crystal glass
  • Tap water
  • A white candle

1. Start filling the glass with tap water halfway, place the glass on your kitchen table and next to it place the candle and light it.

2. While the candle is burning, say the following:

“Come to me calmly and serene. Love me more and more. Come back, come back, come back, in just three days as I order and command you.”

This prayer must be accompanied by strong desire and a clear image of what you want. You should try to visualize as best as possible the return of your beloved in your arms.

3. Touch the edge of the glass with your middle finger and call the person by his name three times in a row and at the same time order the following:

“Come and get me, come and get me, come and get me, in less than three days you will come looking for me. And once you are with me, you shall never leave”.

4. The same should be done for two more nights, always at the same time, it is recommended to do it at night when the person you want is asleep.

The water and the candle should always be the same and when your ex-lover returns try to avoid any discussion about this with him or her, because that can ruin the spell.

Full Moon Spell to Bring Him Back

The energy of the full moon will help you get him back fast. What do you need?

  • A photo of the person you want to bring back.
  • One white candle and one red candle.
  • A white piece of paper.
  • A red marker
  • A black cloth or rag.
  • Red tape or thread.

Steps by step instructions to cast the spell:

Write three times using a red marker on the white piece of paper, the name of the person you want to bring back to you.

Light the white and red candle. Put the white candle on the left side of the paper and the red one on the right side of the paper.

Burn just a little the ends of the paper with the fire of both the white candle and the red candle.

Take the paper and the photo of the person whom you are casting the spell unto, and wrap them with the black cloth, making something like a little packet.

Tie it using the red tape or thread.

Hold the cloth with your hand over the red candle (be careful not to burn it) and say the following three times, while you visualize his name:

Spells to bring him back, Make Someone Miss spell

Spells to bring him back

“Oh gods of the holiest trinity, bring my lover back to me.”

Repeat the phrase again three times, but this time on top of the white candle.

Bury the cloth with all its contents in a place outdoors, it can be your patio or you can use a pot. Wait 72 hours and you will see how that person you long for comes back to you immediately.

A Spell To Make Him Come Back For You Desperately

The good thing about the following love spell is that it also works when the cause of the break-up or the cause of the separation is due to work or study problems, for example, you have moved to another country or city because you were offered a work position there.

I suggest you wait for a Friday full moon so you can cast this spell.

You will need the following:

  • One pink candle
  • A stick of incense that is vanilla flavored
  • One tablespoon cilantro seeds
  • A piece of paper
  • One tablespoon poppy seeds
  • A red or black ink pen
  • A box of wooden matches
  • 3 drops of jasmine oil
  • A pot or dish that is fireproof

How to do it:

In your work-space, cast a circle so that you can work safely within its limits, now we are going to put the red candle in the center and light it. Using the same candle that we have already lit we are going to light the vanilla incense stick, which we will also place in the center of our circle, next to the candle.

Now write both full names, yours and your ex-lover or partner on the piece of paper. Use the red or black ink pen and place the paper next to the candle.

Take the candle and let 7 drops fall on each name, while you do this visualize the person coming back to your side. In the center of the paper, we now place the poppy and cilantro seeds. If you have some, you can make the spell more powerful adding a few leaves of dried or fresh basil.

Then you will add three drops of jasmine oil on top.

Finally, let 7 drops of the candle wax drip once again on top of everything, and visualize how the person returns to your side in a desperate way. Take the paper without letting any of the things fall and fold it 7 times, covering all the things.

We are going to place the paper as it is, in the fireproof pot or dish and light it on fire until it burns completely. Now give thanks to the angels for taking care of you in this magick ritual and then close the circle that you created in the beginning.

Important note

Magic spell come back, Make Someone Miss spell
Make Someone Miss spell

Magic spell come back

These reconciliation love spells work usually after three days of casting them and are very powerful, so you have a pretty good chance of success, but almost always it varies and depends on the person who is casting them.

Remember that each of us is different, some put more effort into what they do while others only try them out of curiosity. What I mean with this, is that even if I tell you that they will work in three days, it ultimately is up to your intention and your energy, so the spells could take much longer if they work at all.

Keep this in mind so that you won’t create any counter-productive energies when you don’t see the results after just three days. Keep reading this website to find similar easy love spells that you can try for yourself.


When Should I request this Spell:

You do not need to wait until nightfall or daylight to perform make someone miss you spell. You do not need to wait for any particular moon phase to appear in the sky. You can perform this spell at any time. But remember that you have to be in quiet place so you can do it properly.
The first thing you must do is to place the phone near you, light the purple candle and hold the amethyst stone with the right hand. You should then put your hand over the burning purple candle and say the following incantation with all your heart.


Then you will burn the candle you have lit in honor of Mercury and keep the amethyst near you. You will then wait for the call for an hour. If that person doesn’t call you back, then it means that the person wasn’t meant for you. If you are unable to cast this spell to make someone miss you, contact me today so that I can do it for you.

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