Court Cases Spells - Spells to make you win a court case or make someone win or lose a court case
Court Cases Spells - Spells to make you win a court case or make someone win or lose a court case

Court Cases Spells – Spells to make you win a court case or make someone win or lose a court case

Having a court case or any other legal matters? I can be your last  solution. It covers all justice spells, this spell work can be used for anything from grievances with your employer, civil matters, and criminal cases, since the majority of spells are derived from hoodoo practices, I guarantee you results. I am not able to give you legal advice because I am not a lawyer, but what i can help you with is that i can get involved in any court case against you to be dismissed, stooped and make all the evidence against you disappear. And all accusations can be stopped resulting in living a better and free life. And if you want to win a case regardless its civil or criminal case or if you are claiming something for your beneficial, just contact me for a quick result and get it.


Court Case Spells are very affective magic spells, These spells are used to solve any type of court case or legal matter problems. If you are suffering and tired and the case or any legal matter that you are going through is not ending then you may go for this very strong spells. Perform the spells outside You will need one of the following powdered herbs according to what you will wish for:

  1. Bay also known as bay laurel (for success and prestige wishes),
  2. Rosemary (for promotion and advanced wishes),
  • Cinnamon (for power wishes),
  1. Verlaine also known as Vebena (for general wishes),
  2. Cardamom (for love wishes),
  3. Peppermint (for prosperity wishes).


Hold the herb you have chosen and visualize in fine detail, hold the herb up to your mouth and breathe upon it trying to force the wish through your breath onto the herb

If you are facing a judgment in court, write down all possible verdicts on a piece of paper.

With scissors or a knife, cut out only the desired conclusion while focusing your mind on a positive outcome. Carefully burn the unwanted portion, until nothing but ash remains.

Release or bury this ash so it is symbolically “lost” to you.

Carry the other piece of paper into court, wrapped in gold cloth, as a protective amulet.

Usage: Equity, fairness, truth, and legal matters.

Timing: When the sun is brightest. Moon in Libra. Months of July and December.


My Child, this Powerful Real Ancient Voodoo Legal Spell is effective in Court Matters, and Legal Matters. It will put in your favor the scale of the justice. If you want to purchase my amazing and Powerful Legal Spell, for faster and satisfactory results, “Contact Me” and provide me with details about your case, like: Name of Judge, Your Attorney’s name, Your Witnesses’ name, The Opposite Attorney’s name, and any other relevant information concerning your case. This information will help me to cast the spell to reinforce yours in order to obtain the best results.