Have you ever dreamt of changing the color of your eye? Do you want to do this naturally? Well, using this beauty spell could help and guide you with this. This spell is meant to help you change the color of your eyes to your preferred coloring. Most people want their beauty to be enhanced, and this simple spell can be used to help with that.


Things to Prepare:

First, let us get started on the different things you have to prepare for this kind of spell. There are only some things that you have to prepare which includes the following below: Two Small White Candles and One Big White Candle Paper and Paper Plates Blood and Marker Prepare Your Eyes, Body and Face A Clean Floor


Reminder: This is one of the Black Magic Beauty spells that is really simple, but you can expect that you are going to have a slight headache and feel like a little bit sick because of your eyes. You may surely feel that you would not want to open it and feel heavy. It would be best to avoid opening it for about a minute.


The Instructions:

  1. Start lighting the different candles you have and set the big white candle on the plates
  2. Put the small candles on the side and the top of the bottom.
  3. There will be a possible blue or green dot that you are going to find as 10 minutes passes by
  4. Close your eyes and chant the incantation.
  5. Chant that for two times.