Love spells
WhatsApp message from a client
So the meeting was good. I was nice and relaxed. He was stressed and really wanted to hug me. He said he ended things with her. He also said he wants me, but I don’t want him. So I said:”I haven’t said I don’t want you. But some things need to change first.”…
I feel the power now and I am happy and sad at the same time. But I know I need time to learn more about how to be happy with myself. Wow, how things are happening!

Email from a former client
Hi Prof Aaleemah.

How are you? I hope you are doing well. ☺

I want to thank you one more time and to show you, what I have, thanks to you, right now in my life. In attachment, you will find photos of my two beautiful kids…

Now, I am working on saving money for our own house, but it is still a long journey ahead. 😊

I wish you all the best.

Thank you for your work
Hi Prof Aaleemah

I want to thank you and Prof Aaleemah for helping me to ride out my (now already ridiculous) “situation” :).
I admire your patience and help by getting my ex-lover back.

If you want, you can use this message as a testimonial. I won’t write new text about magic. I just want to say: “I believe”.
It is people’s free will to decide to do it or not. I didn’t read any testimonials, for me, magic was the only way, how to get back what I wanted. I was looking for you on purpose. I am very happy, that I have the second chance and the possibility to improve myself and to develop my relationship, step by step, on the different level. I believe, that XX will, after touching the rock bottom, see the world in different light, not just as material things. And she won’t be looking for the satisfaction in illusory world of social media:), but, if she needs this, then, why not? :)).

Thank you Prof Aaleemah for everything, what you are doing for me with your wife and Slavka. I am grateful for your magical work, for our conversations and your patience with my silly moves. I am grateful for your books recommendations, and first introduction into meditation and yoga. From the beginning, meditations helped me to become calm.
After my break up with the woman, I loved, I was like crazy. I couldn’t accept, that I lost her. I also felt so bad, because i insulted her and i had no chance to explain things to her. I still loved her, she was in my thoughts all the time and I couldn’t stop it. Thank you for the chance to meet her again, what was from my point of view not possible. I believe, we will meet now more frequently. Thank you for showing me, how to know myself better and to see, that everything around is perfect. Every moment gives me a chance to enjoy things and keep my energy high. I didn’t see many small things, I took it for granted. I didn’t see the beauty of the snow flake or power of first flower after the long winter, beauty of nature and our planet. Everything is perfect. Also people are perfect. It is up to people, if they learn lessons from their mistakes. I feel it is also not sure, that mistakes are really mistakes and not just the reflections of ourselves.

Thank you for the energy you are sending to me. Accept my deep respect.

I wish you nice day and many satisfied clients!

Message from client
Slavka, every time I finish talking to you, I feel the energy in me is renewed.. the energy will slowly lower until I talk to you the next week again. Thank you.
SMS from our client
Thank you for everything. I am very happy I got this chance to be in contact with you. Since we started our cooperation, I feel good and have smile on my face. Thank you, all of you!
Dear Marion, my man is back, as you have said. It was worthy to wait. 1000 Thanks
Partner back
Hi Slavka,
…the personal life is very good, We are together and all is fine. We learned a lot during the period of separation and each of us is doing their best to be nice, loving and normal….

Thanks a lot!

Message- recommendation
Hello there! I emailed you before about one guy. And you recommend me to move on and we officially broke the engagement because I found out he really wasn’t a good match for me in a lot of ways!
I met another guy! I like him and he’s the first guy that i feel so comfortable and happy with like I can trust and open up my heart and talk even though he’s so new in my life ! When I look at him I see bright future!
Thank you
Partner is back sms
I want you to know that my family is reunited! It was nice to hear the “I love you” after all this time 🙂
Right partner
Hi Prof Aaleemah,

How are you? This is XX here from India, hope you remember me. I contacted you last year regarding my ex boyfriend. Firstly, I want to thank you for guiding me in the right path and I took your advice and moved on. Yeah whatever you mentioned about my ex came true. He did contact me this year but I didn’t receive his calls as I realized he wasn’t the right guy for me and was cheating on me. You mentioned that I will not be happy with him but I will meet someone who is better than him. I did come across one guy, his name is XY. We get along well with each other and its been close to 2 months we been seeing one another. I am wondering will he ever raise the word ‘I love you’ for me. I can see he cares me for me a lot. But don’t know where I am heading with him.Is he the right guy for me and the one you mentioned would be better than my ex, is he the one or do I need to wait? Hope you can give me advice regarding this and help me make the right choice.

Love Magic message
My man is back and he behaves as if nothing had happened…?! I don’t understand it … but I enjoy it and now I will make no mistakes 🙂 Thank you ♡ KM
Love Magic- Thank you
…Since I have your protective magic, bad influences and energies around me don’t affect me anymore. My positive energy is not disturbed anymore. Envious people around me couldn’t harm me and only thing they can do is to be nice to me. I am not scared of them anymore. I thank every day to beloved God and I find my power and deep relief with your meditations.

I am shining again. Neighbours, friends and admirers are around me and nice to me. I am calm and full of love. I have 3 admirers now. I feel one of them is my second half. My only wish is to create with him a relationship full of love. He is nice and generous and I feel with him very good.
Love magic ritual for attracting suitable partner have helped me. The right partner is here, although he is not the one I wanted one and half years ago. I’ve achieved much more than I expected. I want to thank you with all my heart. This full moon is very special for me…
Love Magic- Message about success
Hello Ms. Daghan,
I hope you are safely back from holiday. Small report about my success: there was a visit yesterday, it was my lady, from 14 to 23:00. She was peaceful and responsive. She sent me a message today and she congratulated me to a beginning. It wasn’t complete, but it is going good direction. There is a possibility of further communication. I feel relief, I am going to work on this further without any pressure and meditate patiently. Thank you one more time and don’t forget about me. Best regards. K.
New chance- thank you
Dear Lakia,

I am sending you huge THANK YOU…I know that it wasn’t with me easy all the time. But you were there for me anytime I needed. You listened, gave a counsel and showed me the right way… I am grateful that I have found your website of White Magic, because it has changed my life. You have directed me at the path of peace, balance and healthy self-confidence… you have shown me the other way how to deal with problems, differently as I did before. In general, I am more peaceful, balanced and what is the most important, happier than before. And the love in my life is not the only reason. I have learned to be happy just with myself, to enjoy what is, not think too much about small issues. Your counsels and recommendations are deep inside of me. Now I know, where I did mistakes in the past and I try to avoid them in presence. Especially in my beautiful relationship, in my new chance…
I would like to thank your whole team and I wish you success and many satisfied clients.
Your M.
My partner is back- thank you
Dear Lakia,
I would like to thank the whole team of white magic. The time has come and I can thank you for achieving my goal. My partner is back and this wouldn’t possible without you, because we were together already two times before. You helped me in what I needed and felt inside. I founded your website and asked for help, to return my partner back. The call inside of me was the calling of my soul. She was calling for change, for showing the right path and for help to walk on this path. Thanks to this change, understanding of lots of things, different way of thinking, accepting of things, understanding what is happening around me, I can be again with my partner. You were standing on my side and moving me forward. I am grateful that I have second chance to be with him again.
I would like to tell people, who are thinking about contacting you, to do it if they feel it. This was one of the best choices in my life. I don’t regret this effort and work I did. My life has changed from the day I contacted the White Magic team. I have found happiness in my life. Happiness, which cannot be found in material things, but this comes whom within. The White Magic team is real and what they do is real. This is my experience. If they tell you that they can help you, they will help you and you will achieve your goal. They are amazing people who charge you with energy.
I would like to speak also to the current clients. For me personally was very helpful to read testimonials on their website. When I felt sad and felt desire inside of me, I read all testimonials and this gave me confidence in my effort. I was also happy that other people achieved what they wanted. I also realized that it is not important when the goal is achieved, but that you have to be prepared well. I had to wait more than one year. And I am grateful for that. Because if it came after one month or half a year, I wouldn’t be prepared for that well and our relationship wouldn’t be so deep as it is now. Enjoy your journey towards your goal, read, meditate, work on yourself, this is time just for yourself. You can work on yourself, because you have support of people like Palko and Monika.
Palko, Marion, Monika… thank you for everything, thank you for every single phone call and email, for being in contact with you. I would like to continue walking on this path. I’m looking forward to hear you again 🙂 I like you very much.
Thanks for your work, best wishes 🙂
Your XY
Love Magic
Dear Marion,
my Patrick has already appeared, as you had told me. You were right, he was too busy at work. This time, my reaction was different and we had beautiful weekend…One more time thank you for your energy, support, books and feelings in meditation. I am different and my self-confidence is completely different! I know that this time we stay together.
One more time thank you. 🙂 We will speak together as agreed.
Hi Pavol and Slavka,
How are you? I hope everything is all right. I am sorry that I didn’t let you know, I was very busy at my work and also two times sick with fevers… But I’m thinking of you. Day after tomorrow I have holidays and I am traveling back to Slovakia. I was speaking with M. about my job and I hope it will help her. And about my love, so this is absolutely perfect and I am very happy :))) All of my friends love him, he is really extraordinary man. Thank you once more 🙂
I wish happy new year and all the best.
XY 🙂
Thank you
Hi Lakia
I would like to thank you one more time and I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015. I am still with my wife and we will have a baby 🙂 🙂 Thank you! Ivan
Partner back SMS
Dear Prof Aaleemah,
my man is back, and I don’t know, how to express my gratitude. No words, no money of this world can describe my happiness, which I’m experiencing now.
PS: It is unbelievable, how you have helped me. I mean, not just with my relationship, but also help to my soul! I have different view of my family and also my attitude to all happenings and problems is different.
Thank you!
I’m looking forward to hear you.

Thank you Lovemagic
Hello dear Marion
I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 2 1/2 year ago, you started to stand by my side and since that time, you are here for me. I’ve heard a lot, deepen myself, sometimes I wanted to give up, but you always straighten me and speak strictly to me, what was good. He is still with me, and it is much better, for what I would like to thank you and your activities. Your rituals, instructions and meditations, you’ve done and you are still doing for me are very helpful. I’ve found through you again also my path to God.
I don’t know, how more can I express my gratitude. I am also very glad to know you and your husband and to learn from you. I miss our conversations.
With love
Merge partners together
… And then it has come- verbally: “I have to find out, when we can meet before I fly away.”
Dearest Marion- angel, I’m so happy, thank you! Remind me this next time when I will be impatient again, although you do rituals and send energy. Please, please, please continue!!!! I know that him and me belong together and that I will win his heart! It is so and it won’t change, but despite of that I need your huge powers!….
Love Magic- SMS
Hello Ms Daghan, I am so happy that I have you at my side and that you are there so long. Thank you
Love and Change
Dear Marion,
First of all, I have changed in a positive way and it wasn’t only me who noticed that. Now is woman of my dreams finally back. I am bewildered what you have achieved. Now is everything different and I am very grateful for that…

Best regards
Magic of love- Thank you!
Hi Prof Aaleemah,

First of all I would like to thank to both of you for everything you have done for me. Your care was unbelievable as well as your encouragements. It is unbelievable, what you have done, sometimes I cannot believe that is it real.

I would like to thank you especially for that, how you have changed my way of life. Now I am calmer, happier and it is not just because you have returned me my partner. The change is deeper and I feel perfect. Now I know that everything in life can be solved and when I feel not good, I have somebody to talk with and to counsel.

I hope we will stay in touch further and that I will have chance to meet you again.

Thank you from all my heart

Yours H.

Hello my dear friends!

I simply would like to send you my best wishes and thank you again for everything.
My private life and job go very well!

I am thankful that you were my guide during my tough times!

All the best
Lovemagic- SMS
My Man is back! ❤ ❤ ❤ I am much obliged to you! I love you. ✿
Love magic- new chance
Hello Prof Aaleemah,

I don’t know how to begin. Maybe I should say that it in unbelievable, what have happened since I contacted you- white magic team. My condition was lost in the exact meaning of this word. There wasn’t chance that my love will come back. But… angels of white magic took my problem into their hands. People, what they can do, nobody can!!!!! My love and me even didn’t speak, but Marion, Prof Aaleemah had interfered and everything has changed. After one week we are speaking again, as nothing had happened before. We have new chance and I don’t know how to thank these helpful people. Besides, they are very nice, friendly and have always time for me. We haven’t been in contact long time, but what they have achieved during such a short time is supernal. Thank you, thank you, thank you….. I am delighted and I am sure for million per cent that with your help my relationship will achieve the goal we agreed. I cannot describe with words how happy I am….. Just to say that I am finally and seriously happy.


Thank you. Christmas letter
Dear Ms Daghan-Malenky,

once again I would like to thank you for how you accompanied me last year.
I could ring you when I wasn’t feeling well and you listened to me and comforted me.

II wish you merry Christmas and lots of power to help people.,


Thank you Love magic from Elias
Hi Marion,
I am now in writing- mood, so I am sending you belated testimonial for your website.
Kind regards

Hi Marion,
When I turned to you last September, you were my last hope. It wasn’t work right between me and S. S. didn’t want to be with me several months. Nevertheless I had feeling that we belonged together. During one conversation you have told me, that S. would call me in a short time. Without any personal effort from my side, S. suddenly called me. It was really unbelievable. Now we are a couple, as I had wished.
Thank you thank you thank you for your help and your bewildering abilities.
Saint Nicholas Day- Thank you for Love Magic
Pasted Graphic
Dear Ms Daghan-Malenky, I would like to thank you trough this Saint Nicholas Card for your nice words, your energy, your time you have given me and for your unlimited patience! I will never forget what have you taught me! And I am looking forward to meet man of my life!:) Your Martina
100000 Thank you
Dearest Marion,

This way 100000….-thank you for your successful work. I was very happy when you told me on Sunday that feelings of my L… are so big and therefore your work would be done in a standard way; at the same time during the last meeting with him it was like a dream with everything included. For me it is nothing better than my L… and I would be together forever.

Despite of that I still have a little bit fear that he might build some blocks again and he could retreat again. He had in April 2011 (one and half year after we meet each other) already retreated and he came back after 4 weeks (that time I had no PRF in my contract). Because of this, I had during our sporadical meetings fear that it would be the same as the last time and so it was in January 2013. (As I have realized with your help, I had this fear probably unconsciously emitted on him, although I was during each meeting very happy.)

Because of this, I ask you very very much, dearest Marion, in second round of love spells done by corresponding rituals ensure that my L… would never again build blocks and would never retreat from me again. He should be attracted to me as to a magnet. „Change“ also myself in a way that I can manage my fears and my “magnetic radiance” will rise. Please stay further on my side with your helpful tips, so that I would behave correctly and so that my sweetheart would soon ask me the question of all questions. Please be with me patient, when I ask again and again the same questions and you have to guide me like inexperienced teenager fallen in love. I am meditating further with great joy and I am reading all books you have recommended me.

I’m giving you strong hug and I’m sending you and also Lakia many greetings.
Your happy R.
Thank you for Love magic
I would like to thank you this way, Ms Lakia :-),

I found you one year ago and I ventured to write you. As I have believed you that time, I am sitting now here and writing with tears in my eyes. But with tears of happiness, love and harmony, thanks to you. The time has come to say thank you for everything you are doing for me. We experienced together my falls and my rises and my new beginning and I know that you are here for me when I am sad or confused, and that you are here to listen to me and to help me to go right way. What have you achieved with me cannot be described, everything is easy and now I know why. Ms Darinka, I will come and thank personally:-) I like you very much so why not to come and share my happiness??? 🙂 When you have spoken to me, my heart was happy, this way are speaking just you and XY. Thank you also for him and I know why:-) Ms Darinka, it is not end between us, it is just beginning:-) you are the first I call and share my success. Thank you Prof Aaleemah for energy you have sent me together with your wife Marion and for nice words. I remember how you said during our last call: Now it is up to you. And this motivates me to go further, my dream is close, very close, just to catch it:-) and I know I will make it:-)

Thank you thank you thank you Ms Darinka and Mrs Prof Aaleemah that you are here :-), M.
Thank you Love Magic
Hi Monika,

I would like to say big THANK YOU, for everything you have done for me and for all that time you have spent with me. It was for me very interesting and also thanks to books I was reading, very instructive time. I know that it was not easy to communicate with me during last period and I would like to apologize for that, but I’ve done everything according to your instructions. I don’t know how it will be with M., but I have realized many mistakes we had made and I think it is going good direction. We have been speaking much more and he invited me to join him at family jubilee. I thank both of you- you and Mr Malenky and I hope he wouldn’t think of me badly :-). I would appreciate if you can say him my thank you. You are very nice and I am looking forward to know you. I am happy that I know such people as you are. It is weird what you are doing but it works. And what is most important- it helps and teaches people.

Once more big THANK YOU!!!

And I wish all the best to the future

With regards Hana 🙂
Thank you white magic
Pasted Graphic 1
Dearest Marion,
It is the time to thank you; 1000000x thank you for your unique, successful work!!!!!
I contacted you in January, because L left me second time and I didn’t want to lose him. After our first analyse conversation, where you’ve ensured me that L and I belong together, I felt better. You recommended me daily meditation and after short time it was part of my daily schedule and I’d deeply realized, that I felt much better and I was slowly becoming calmer. I had also lots of power from our regular phone calls. When I was impatient and depressed, you have always calmed me down; you have again and again said to me that everything is ok. The peak was my personal visit in July and our meditation and conversation. Three weeks later was is as you had predicted. Me and L were again closer to each other and love each other as if nothing had happened before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
May my further order for love reinforcement be also successful and would be crowned with the question of all questions! But this is in your case certain!! I work on myself in any case further and I am thankful for all support from you.
Thousand best regards – also for Prof Aaleemah
Yours thankful and happy R.

Thank you, White Magic
Hi Marion, my man is back! 1000times thank you, I’m going to use my chance this time! K. ♥
Thank you, Love Magic
Dear Marion,

This is my thankful letter and if you want, it can be also published. I have been thinking long time to write you! Sometimes I cannot understand, how could you bee so right, as you have said to me on June 15th, than at the next meeting with L will be between us sparkles. And so it was!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Please, please, please don’t stop sending me your energy and create with rituals situation that L. will on his way back from holiday decide to be with me and that he will love me forever as his wife. Please, teach me, how to become and to be such person that he would like to be his whole life with me and he would for sure never leave me again. My dear, I send you tight hug and I am very happy that I could met you. Yours forever thankful.

Thank you Love magic
Hi Prof Aaleemah,
I’m going to start my training tomorrow and I couldn’t expect that. The lady is absolutely perfect, does for me everything. I don’t know, how can I pay this back. This is your service and perfect job! I thank you from my whole heart and soul, you are absolutely extraordinary and the best:-)
Your job cannot be paid. Nice weekend for your whole family.
Love magic, Slovakia
Hi Prof Aaleemah,

My wife now decided to solve the situation, this is very good… She has called me, she told me that she feels lonely and that she wants to build again our relationship… and I’m so happy that it works:)
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Thank you for Magic
Today I would like to say thank you, without you I wouldn’t be able to sort out my things again. You have been always with me when I need it; I felt your presence day and night. I felt so good.
I’m so thankful that you exist!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you

My honey is back.
My honey is back. ♡ I will come on Thursday and I’ll tell you everything …
Thanks from Canada
They said, year 2013 is a year of a shift, I would say coming across your website and know you; is a shift in my life, Prof Aaleemah I want to express my deepest gratitude for all the support I am getting, you have opened my eyes to many things, although I am so far and we are still working on my wish to come true “which I feel we are getting very close J” but these past couple of months were a true life changing for me the conversation with you gives me inner peace your guidance, the continues support, introducing me to meditation, your books recommendation all these and the effect on me are beyond just saying THANK YOU! Not to forget dear Slavka her patient and support during our conversation, our meditation via phone is just amazing.
Bless you all!
my sincere gratitude
MS – Canada
Love is back- thank you!
Hi Prof Aaleemah.
I met my partner….she talked and talked and talked…about all the things that happened in the time we weren´t together…she apologized….of course, I knew about everything because you had told me, so I wasn´t much surprised….she even told me that she felt so bad that she intended to commit suicide, but also this I already knew from you. And what is good for me, she wants to come back, she isn´t completely ok with previous relationship, she needs some time, but she finished it……So I hope I won´t be just substitute for pain she feels inside, I told her, that I´m not somebody who runs when she calls…(although I do run 🙂 but I have to keep my dignity.
All the time I spoke with her fairly, I didn´t blame her from anything…and she wondered how it is possible? So I told her that it was her decision to behave that way, it has nothing with me, I respected it…because blaming somebody doesn´t solve the problem…
So we agreed that we begin again…she wants some time and she will have it. She told me she would like to read that book I sent to her…I told her about you and she agreed that we can come for a visit …I told her about meditation, she didn´t know much about that but she agreed to try it out…she wants to go with me for a holiday…according to her words she really wants me in her life…
I´m very happy and as you´ve told me, everything is now in my hands…….
Prof Aaleemah, I cannot find the word that would express my gratitude to you and Marion for your help …I say just thank you and there are included all my feeling………
Love spells, thanks
Dear Prof Aaleemah!
Before I start, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am writing this letter as an expression of deepest gratitude for the help you gave me. Also, I would like to address the letter to all those who are hoping and praying for your help in difficult situations. I did the same some time ago when I lost the man I loved – another woman stole him from me.

Prof Aaleemah, you gave me hope and told me I not only would get my husband back, but that I could also be happy with him again. You have shown me the way to make my dream a reality. It certainly was not easy and you warned me at the beginning. It was a way to work on myself, to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses. Both of you, you and Marion, sent me energy and gave me magical assistance for months, while I followed your instructions: Salt baths, meditation, reading, self-cognizance.
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Love spells: thanks
Dear Marion,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help during the last two years. I felt really bad when I first called you, I called for help reuniting me with my partner. You might remember how hopeless my situation was as my Ex and I didn’t talk to each other anymore.

Because of you I feel much better now, my Ex and I are not back together, but we are best friends, I might even say soul mates. A relationship most people can only dream of. Because of your energy, daily meditations and baths I found myself again. You have been an angel with a big heart. For anyone who is doubtful out there, magic really works if you just follow the instructions by meditating and taking relaxing baths. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

I hope and look forward to seeing you again. Love
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The feelings are intense
Dear Mrs. Daghan-Malenky,

Before I call you at 2pm I wanted to give you a report in advance about the current situation and events.
We spent the weekend in the Black Forest. On the outside it seems as if the interaction between XY and myself is like it was a few months ago, but a lot has happened. We are more attentive to each other and talk a lot more, we do not fight. The feelings are much more intense and it seems like we have been together for a long time. He keeps me up all night in his arms. We bathe and shower together and everything seems natural like a normal couple…

See you later!
Partner reunion
…Meditation was a totally new experience for me. Before long I began to make small achievements, I feel healthier, and more patient. Due a chronic nervous stomach, I had to take pills, I have now disposed of them. I have my inner self again, and now I react much differently to my environment.

Meanwhile, my environment is a perception, I have changed myself for the positive. I am cheerful, optimistic and have fun with my life. I am exuding energy. With this regained vitality, I have met many new people and old friends have been in contact with me as well. …

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The best for 2012
Dear Marion, Wishing you the best for 2012, lots of love, success and I hope all of your dreams come true. I want to thank you with my whole heart for you support that you have given me time and time again. Thank you because of you today I am different person. Thank you! You are an angel on Earth. ♥
Wonderful time together
Dear Marion,

Thank you for the wonderful time together.
Thank you, for teaching me how to react to many situations and human events with ease and lead to great things from them – And thank you for the patience and the power that you have shown me and the courage to achieve my goals.

Here is a saying which I came across and I think everything applies to this.

When you have learned
you make peace with the world,
to love all creation,
People love to all,
to love all animals,
to love all plants,
to love all
everything can be solved with love.
grace to practice what is right to yourself as well as to others.
then you’re ready to become one with God.
Author unknown


You can always count on me
I miss the relationship with D. difficult to believe, but what have you done for me, I cannot payback with money. 🙂
My stomach isn’t always right, but he tells me I’ll get to meet you face to face. Thank you Marion. If I can do something for you, I’ll be there in a second.
You can always count on me. D.
Many thanks love spells
Today, I wanted to thank you for always being there and standing by my side.. You are of great help to me. Thank you so much! I am so glad that you are always with me! Big (bear) hug and look forward to see you on Thursday.
Your J
Love back
Dear Marion,
I do not know how I can say thanks to you! You have allowed me, after only 7 months to start over with my true love. It was a dream to lie by him. I do not know how it will turn out, but with your help he will soon be my man. I know it! Thank you so much for everything. Cheers S
Love Spells
Dear Marion,

We are together. T. and I love each other very deeply. My dream was fulfilled …
I can tell you, dear Marion, that I cannot express in words my gratitude! It is just so wonderful to see what you have accomplished with your magical powers! New doors have been opened in my life. God sent me to you and I see, that he loves me and I have value in this world. You put so many thing in order. This feeling of glory is simply indescribable!

Many, many thanks for everything! You’re an awesome person!

Best regards!

Husband Back
My husband is back! I love you!…
Glad to have found my way here
Dear Mrs. Daghan, I am very glad to have found my way here.
The visits and phone calls have given me strength.
I look forward to acheiveing my desires and goals with you. Best!
We’re Getting Married
We’re getting married, she said yes. I will come by and we will celebrate! L
Love Phone Calls Support
Hello Dear Marion,

I wanted to ask you how you are doing. Hope you still remember me it has been such a long time. I was just thinking about our phone calls and how you supported me in my difficult times. I still have contact with I. Somehow she still is stuck in my head, but otherwise I am good. I see a lot has changed in your practice. All the best!

Love Wife back
SMS: My wife is definitely back. Thank you for your hard work! Now I am going to strictly follow your advice. I am very thankful that I to have met Marion. Jan
Thankyou For The Spiritual Growth
Thankyou For The Spiritual Growth
Dear Mrs. Daghan-Malenky,

Thank you for your help and work in recent years. Without you I could not have resolved my situation so well.

Thank you for the spiritual growth and development (even though I came to you for other reasons. Today, I often think it should probably all be so).

I have seen many changes in myself that you have brought to me along the way.

Thanks for the deep certainty, faith, feeling that there is so much spiritual – to be open to it and to let it in.

I see it as a great asset in this time.

Best regards
Thanks from Phillippe R

Lady Daghan.

You have been the best for me, the inexplicable thing is that you know everything about me without me saying a word. I was glad to have had this meeting with you on Tuesday.


Philippe R:
Danke von Eva

Dear Marion. This is a small thanks for all, that you done for me.
Thankfully yours,

He is Alive, Thank God

Hello Marion,
Thank for everything you have done for me. I hope that the perfume and rose quartz heart is to your liking.
Sincerely yours,


Hi Marion, you were right about Gerhard. I just talked with him. He is still weak and talking is a strain for him, but he is alive, Thank God. Yours Monica

Great to know that you exist!

Dear Marion,

Many thanks that you are here to help me again! You are the great strength for me. Without you I know things would not be easy for me. It is great to know that you exist. I love you and thank you for everything you have done.

A million thanks!
Dear Marion, I just spoke with A. She has also had a happy first meeting with her ex. I am overjoyed that the reunion of partners was successful, not only for me, but it also worked for my friend as well. A million thanks!


Thanks! White Magic

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