A spell to dream of your soulmate – Guaranteed Results
A spell to dream of your soulmate – Guaranteed Results

If you are ready to find out who your soulmate is, perform this spell and he or she will appear to you in a dream.  This spell should be performed right before you go to bed.

You will need:

  1. 3 almonds
  2. 3 raisins
  • A square of red cloth big enough to hold the almonds and raisins
  1. A red candle
  2. Milk (or almond milk)
  3. Honey

Now, cast your circle and light the candle.  Gaze into the flame until you start feeling peaceful and meditative.

Hold the almonds and raisins in your hands, and visualize meeting your soulmate.  Focus not on the person, but on the feelings you will feel once you are with them.  Will you feel safe and secure? Will you be brimming with excitement?  Will you be joyful and full of laughter? Perhaps all of the above. Hold this feeling in your heart, and chant:

“Spirits of union, angels of love, Bring me a vision this night Allow me to see, within my dream My soulmate, when the time is right So mote it be”

Now place the almonds and raisins in the red cloth and fold the cloth over them. Blow out the candle and close the circle.

Drink the milk with a teaspoon of honey (the milk can be warmed if you wish).  Right before you sleep, place the red cloth with the almonds and raisins under your pillow, with the intention of dreaming of your soulmate.

He or she will appear to your in your dreams.

Note: If you find it difficult to remember your dreams, you might want to practice dream recall for a week or more before performing this spell.  In order to do this, keep a journal beside your bed. As soon as you wake up, lie still and try to recall all your dreams.  Write them down as soon as you remember them all. With practice, you will be able to remember more and more. Sweet dreams! If you are unable to cast this spell to make someone miss you, contact me today so that I can do it for you.