Chanting lottery money spells

Money Spells Chants That Will Attract Wealth Immediately

Money spells chants that actually work – Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who are benefiting from casting money spells. To do this, you have to try and believe in the kind of vibrations that you send out in the world. If you do it right and have the right ingredients for your spells.

1. The immediate money spell chant

money spells chants that really work
The immediate money spell chant

The only ingredient that is required for this money spell is a green candle. But before you do anything with it, make a point of writing down all of your needs on a piece of paper. This should be about what you feel you ought to be doing with your tons of money.

Next, proceed to ask your inner self to believe in what you have written as you wrap the paper, light the green candle up, and place a coin next to it.

Do this right and the effect might be immediate. And to make this money spell even more powerful, you’ll need to chant, declaring that all you want is already yours. Keep on believing and it will work for you like the charm it already is!

2. The bay leaf money spell chant

money spells chants that really work
The bay leaf money spell chant

Before kick-starting this money spell, you will need to gather all the necessary ingredients. The bay leaf symbolizes money, you know, thanks to its green pigment that makes it look like a dollar bill. You must have a bay leaf before initiating your chanting and incantations.

Apart from the bay leaf, make sure that you have your hands on all of the required ingredients; you will also need some banknotes, a jar, and a flower pot. It also helps to have a positive and optimistic mindset so that you can attract money into your life. Carrying out the spell is simple since all you need to do is write down the amount of money you want and put this wish in the jar.

Pick out seven bank notes, placing them in the jar. Make sure that you are using your right hand when picking the bank notes. Then close your eyes and begin chanting, uttering that you need the money, that the money shines and the money rings. Chant some more, saying that you will get money from all quarters, including quarters you do not wish to get from.

Once you finish chanting, for your wealth to grow, place the lid on the jar right after writing your name on the bay leaf and tossing it into the jar. With all the ingredients in the jar, hide the jar somewhere secret. Always remember to put a bank note inside every day. And once you have acquired the targeted amount, bury the paper that holds your wish in a flower pot. This signifies money growing into your life for immediate and continuous success.

3. Chanting 101: Act to attract money spell

Powerful Money spell chants

Apart from sounding catchy, the act to attract money spell has also been known to work as impressively as it rhymes. This is one of the simplest money spells that every person, including the beginners, can successfully pull off without breaking a sweat! It works on the principle of becoming what you believe in.

So, if you believe that you’re about to earn some money, then you are most certainly going to, sooner rather than later. The most important ingredient as far as this money spell is concerned is your vibrations. If you believe that you’re already rich, then you’ll definitely attract wealth. This kind of mindset is very powerful because its effects happen to be immediate.

This money spell will also help you learn the art of gratitude, which is a very important aspect of life. You can add some “flavor” to your money spell by chanting that you are happy and appreciative about getting money in abundance. Do this when you get paid or when you are gifted with money. Chanting that you are grateful and that money is well on its way to your life will work just fine.

Gratitude is powerful because it has a way of realigning the universe with your vibes and in the end, get more money coming your way. You should also be grateful whenever you save money, regardless of how little or how much it might be. At the end of the day, gratitude helps you learn some financial discipline, which is always a good thing.

4. Chanting lottery money spells

Chanting lottery money spells

As far as chanting money spells goes, the lottery money spell is arguably the most interesting of them all.

Naturally, you will be required to have some ingredients with you. These ingredients should include a candle (preferably a green one, symbolizing dollar bills), and 6 coins. You should also have a flat surface on which you can conduct your spell casting, i.e., a table.

The chant for the lottery money spell is quite easy. As soon as you have your hands on the right ingredients, arrange the 6 coins in a circular shape with the green candle in the middle. Then go ahead and chant your heart out saying “money flow, money grow, money shine and the money mine!”

Do the chanting while the candle is burning and let it burn out. Remember to conjure a mental picture that you are about to win big. And who knows? You just might! Picture yourself winning a lot of money to the point that you can’t pick it all up. Have a positive mind and it will attract nothing but good things for you.

You might not win the million-dollar jackpot, but if you do this right, you might end up winning something. Pick up the coins after the candle burns out and carry them everywhere you go. And try feeling good while you are at it to boost your positive, money-attracting vibes!


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