Money spell to attract wealth and fortune is a very effective money spell that works. Do you need money? Are you looking for a job? Do you want your employer to increase your pay? Well this is a very powerful money spell that works and will work for you.

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Every day, you wake up and read the newspaper looking for a job and now you are tired of submitting curriculum vitas so that companies call you for an interview. You have not been successful with your job hunts. You feel discouraged from so much job search and the search for money. With this money spell that works immediately, you can attract good luck and money and stop suffering in your life.

The money Spells that work immediately in the world

Now that you’ve created the perfect setting for your spells, it’s time to cast them. Here are five spells that are powerful, easy to perform, and don’t take up a lot of your time.

1. The Money Spell

This is a basic candle spell. This may be done at any time of the day but preferably at the same time on each day. You will need:

  • A Green Candle (Unburnt)
  • A White Candle (Unburnt)
  • Oil (of your preference)

In this spell, the green candle represents the money/wealth that you hope to acquire and the white candle represents you.

The first step is to anoint the candles with the oil (known as “charging” the candle) and as you do this, focus on your purpose and visualize the wealth you are to receive.

Place the candles on your altar, 9 inches apart from each other. Light the candles and chant these words:

“Money, money come to me,
In abundance three times three,
May I be enriched in the best of ways,
Harming none on its way,
This I accept, so mote it be,
Bring me money three times three.”

After the chanting, extinguish the flame. Follow this spell for a total of 9 days, each day moving the white candle one inch closer to the green candle. It is important to visualize the wealth you desire with each step of the spell.

On the ninth day, when the candles touch, your spell is finished. You may leave the flame on the candles on the last day, until the candles naturally burn out.

2. Money Doubling Spell

This is a simple spell to double any denomination of paper money. First, choose a fresh note of paper money in a denomination of your choice (the larger the denomination, the higher the reward).

You may use more than one note if you wish. Place these bills in a new white envelope, and seal the envelope. Fold the envelope in half (folding towards you) and chant:

“Powers that be, to me shall bring,
The means to double this sum.
Hear me, you spirits which sing,
Quickly, and gently come.”

Do this once every day for seven days. As you chant, hold the envelope up in front of you and envision the envelope getting heavier. Keep the envelope in your bedroom when you are not casting the spell.

After you’ve received the money, open the envelope and spend or deposit the money in the envelope.

Use a new set of bills and envelope to cast the spell again.

3. The Full Moon Money Spell

Most spells are boosted by the power of the full moon, but certain rituals are specifically designed to be performed during a full moon for maximum effectiveness. You can harness the lunar power with this powerful money spell.

On a full moon night, fill a cauldron with water until it is half-full. Place a silver coin in the cauldron. Place the cauldron in a position that will let the moonlight shine over the water in the cauldron. Chant the words:

“Lovely Lady of the Moon,

Bring to me your wealth quite soon,

Fill my hands with silver and gold,

All you can, my purse can hold.”

Repeat the chant three times. Once you are finished, pour the water on the earth and keep the silver coin close to you (in your pocket or purse).

4. The Money Knot Spell

This is another simple, yet potent spell. You will need a green-colored silk thread that is 13-inches long.

Take the thread and starting at one end, make nine equally spaced knots. As you make each knot, chant:

“By knot of one, my spell’s begun,

By knot of two plenty fruitful work to do,

By knot of three, money comes to me,

By knot of four, opportunity knocks at my door,

By knot of five, my business thrives,

By knot of six, this spell is fixed,

By knot of seven, success is given,

By knot of eight, increase is great,

By knot of nine, these things are mine.”

Keep the knotted thread at home, in a place that allows you to see it frequently. It may even be hung or displayed according to your preference.

5. Green Candle Money Spell

This is an all-time favorite candle spell. To cast this spell you will need:

  • One Green candle
  • Six coins (gold, copper or silver)
  • A green cloth or pouch (a gold cloth is also fine)
  • Cinnamon
  • Oil (of your preference)

Prepare your altar. You may meditate for a few minutes before casting the spell to energize yourself mentally. Charge the green candle with the oil. Place the candle on your altar, and place the six coins around the candle in a circle.

As you place the coins, visualize yourself having received the money already and project your gratefulness. Light the candle and repeat this chant three times:

“Money does flow,

Money will grow,

My Money does shine,

This Money is now mine”

Lay out your cloth or pouch, and sprinkle some cinnamon on the cloth or into the pouch. Then place each of the six coins it into the cloth or pouch.

As you pick up the coins, chant these words three times:

“Bring me money three times three”

As I will it, so mote it be”

If you are using a cloth, you can bring the ends together and tie it to form a bag. Carry the pouch with you at all times and visualize yourself receiving the money you desire.

Everyone needs money to get what they want in most cases and that counts up to 90% of cases or situations we go through every day, most of the things we need or desire call for money whether you like it or not.

Money spell that really work can give you an aid and help you get what we want; In this case, good luck to get a job, attain financial stability and get other personal needs that is what you get when you request this powerful spell. When you cast this spell, you will achieve the goal of getting either job or get the money, doors and opportunities will start opening for you in a way you will not believe. This effective money spell that works immediately will first change your mindset.

Watch your how your life is going to drastically improve when you request my unique money spell because they are very effectiv. If you can learn to see yourself as a rich person rather than a poor person, you are one step away from attracting money and abundance into your life. When we say things like: I cannot buy this, it’s very expensive, I’m never going to get ahead, what you do is surrounding yourself with negativity that breeds negativity. With my money spell, you will learn to see yourself as fortunate, blessed and even ‘rich’. Eventually, the money will start coming into your life whether you like it or not.

This is the best spell to attract money and abundance into your life, make responsible use of this spell always, never with the desire to harm anyone in your heart. So, in your pursuit for wealth and abundance, you should always concentrate on doing the greatest good to others as much as you do to yourself. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you need this money spell that works very quick.