Black Magic World Wide - Powerful Black Magic Spells
Black Magic World Wide - Powerful Black Magic Spells

We all have heard about Black Magic at some point in our lives and many among us have the notion that is it not a good form of act when practised. Majority hold the belief that individuals practising Black Magic tend to invite various kinds of negative and bad influence upon the practitioner. Though such a belief has always existed from the dawn of history, it has also bee seen that many have practised the same to attain few impossible things in the world which could not be attained otherwise. The prime intention for practising these kinds of black magic has always been to hurt or harm others. Hence many take or look into this kind of act as a bad one which somehow or the other ends in hurting or harming not just the person (i.e. the victim) on whom the same spell or magic is casted, but also the one who practises the same.


It has been noticed that individuals who practise Black magic have a different kind of ideology and thought process in comparison to that of white magic. This is due to the fact that Black Magic tends to hurt individuals and harm others. It also deals with spells which are casted without the free will of the victim but on the other hand white magic is unlike this as it is practised not to harm anyone but for good intentions. It never causes any harm to the practitioner or to the concerned victim. It has been seen that individuals who practise black magic harm and in few rare cases also causes fatal consequences to the victim on whom the spell is casted.

There exist various forms of black magic which are practised in different regions across the world. Diverse kinds of culture and practises exists which are followed in different kinds of forms and methods. Many are confused with this name black magic but do not be confused as there is nothing black which is done with this kind of magic. Few more than being interested in the same are curious about this form of magic and this curiosity drives them to know more about this kind of magic.

Different regions of the world practise black magic in various forms like; Africa has more of sacrifices done of animals, whereas in the America regions black magic is more of a simpler type where there are less of blood sacrifices playing a part. In the Asian countries, back magic is used with loads and loads of superstitions whereas in European countries the black magic basically consists of using of curses and enchanting of psalms by holding meetings and discussions which are termed as Black masses. Hence it has been seen that various regions have diverse forms of magic. Chaos Magick is actually the form of a structure and methodology which has been used for practising black magic. Black Magic basically tends to invoke various forces of nature and harness them for getting various forms of evil intentions fulfilled. Evil spirits are also invoked for achieving few impossible tasks.

Black Magic World Wide - Powerful Black Magic Spells2
Black Magic World Wide – Powerful Black Magic Spells2

It has also been noticed that many practitioners of black magic have also used the same for healing purposes. In few cases these practices were also used to ward off bad or evil spirits from entering weak bodies. White magic is done for bringing in good effects upon others, whereas black magic is used for bringing upon evil and causing harming on individuals. Black magic has also been known as sorcery and in few also termed the same as witchcraft. Modern or contemporary black magic uses more of spells and curses and resorts less to various forms of sacrifices, animals but again in few extreme and stringent cases when the effects required are really hard to achieve, few black magic practitioners also resort to these forms of blood sacrifices as well.

With these modern forms of black magic various things can be noted or concluded. Few of them have been described or enumerated below. With this form of black magic one can easily predict the past and one can also get to see the future. By using these black magic skills one can also reveal the most intricate secrets of an individual’s life. Apart from these, it can also be used for casting spells upon others and in extreme cases it can also be used for avenging vengeance against others. Few have also used these black magic practices for sharpening one’s wits and skills or for enhancing one’s knowledge.

Though we all believe in today’s age that modern witchcraft or sorcery is used to cause evil only and has been practised with evil intentions in mind, but if one gets to know the history of black magic then one would get to understand that it has not always been associated with evil, but it’s the practitioners who have slowly moulded it in that form for their own selfish interests.

For individuals who have faith in these black magic would actually be dealing with another world totally which tends to fill one with awe and in some cases curiosity as well. The most important aspect which needs to be taken care of when we speak of black magic is its association with Satanism. In reality as already said, there have been no linkages with Satanism, neither with any evil practises, but with the passage of time many have used the same for their self-centred needs and requirements. Contemporary black magic deals a lot with nature and the harmony that’s exists between it and two forms of gender that is found in this world. Simultaneously it also leaves the individuals conjecturing about the various forms of practices and spells, diverse forms of ceremonies and curses which are done in this form of magic for attaining he desired results.

Though this kind of black magic has been performed in various regions across the world in varied kinds, its influence on humans have always been almost the same. Hence here we discuss few common symptoms which are found in individuals who have become victims of black magic. Sleeplessness and restlessness is a common thing which has been noticed in individuals who have been influenced by black magic. Dislike for bathing and keeping away from water is also another sign which should make one wary that there is something wrong with the individual. It has also been noted that individuals who have been influenced with these forms of black magic tend to lead a more isolated life and prefer less company. They never life to be in crowded places and hate a lot of noise and happenings round him or her. In few rare and extreme cases it has also been noted that humans who have been under the influence of spells or charms tend to even lose their life! Such is the power of these dark forces and the obscure world which is not known to all.